Friday, December 25, 2009

come find things lost

While perusing my vacant room at the parentals during Christmas break I came across a poem, written by yours truly freshman year of high school, that has since caused me to ponder. . .

--CoMe FiND THiNGS LoST --

Some things become lost
which were meant to be treasured.
Moments to always be remembered
are forgotten.

A child's laughter at seriousness.
The scent in the air after the heavens cry.
The watercolors in the sky after the sun sinks
behind snow capped mountains.

Find these things which have been
Come search in my world of
Treasured things I've found,
And remember what you have forgotten.
-Becky Record-

The human mind-- what a fantastic organ of our body (is it an organ? I like to think so... perhaps tissue would be a better definitive term). Despite its great abilities, which are indeed great, a portion of our most cherished memories and people become fuzzy in processing, storage, and recollection. I know that for myself I become consumed with work, school, and life that I compartmentalize my emotions and people. Really, it is a shame but it proves to be a useful tactic to accomplish the great demands of life while the details go out the window.

One of the reasons Christmas break is such a wonderful blessing is the opportunity to actually feel. To think with your heart rather than your mind, to find the connection between the two and remember what you care about-- really-- and also to share with those people you love why you love them and your gratitude for them in your life. When I look back at this year I don't remember the details of a grading rubric, the prioritization of homework, or the tasks I performed at work-- I remember the moments: when my roommates and I danced it out for an hour during finals with the door wide open and the cold December air washing over us; Hunter and I scouring the BYU Library bookshelves to find ancient novels; going to an Ingrid Michaelson concert with my girls and finally feeling alive as I shut the world out and sang with my heart in beat to her melodious voice; feeling my soul was home in the Draper Temple open house and again while doing baptisms and wishing I never had to leave the peaceful serenity. . . Cliche as it is, it is the moments that make life worth living; the things you decide to do on a whim that make life adventurous and fun, along with those glorious connections you feel with your family, friends, roommates, nature, and most importantly God.

This year has been a rollercoaster but... my what a ride it has been. I have discovered countless new phenomena as well as re-discovered my passion, motivation, and joy. I have found treasured things in my life and although I cannot remember the exact hue of a sunset or the perfect sound of child's giggle I can remember the people, my people, and the unique loving bond I share with each of them.