hello, hello. somehow i believe the oxymoron that we are all unique. call me crazy pants. 
i was contemplating what makes me unique-- as an individual-- and it's not so much the things that i like or dislike but the strange conglomeration of everything about me. if you care to glean an insight or two, into my soul {whoa- hefty! you've got mail reference right thurrr} and/or blog, read on.  
  • i am left handed.
  • i love sushi, dancing, and memory-foam pillows.
  • i adore nail polish... it's a fetish at this point.
  • i am mormon-- a proud member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints.
  • french fries could be my ultimate downfall.
  • i have a thing for cardigans, like some people have a thing for ferry boats. 
  • dating intimidates me. the giving, the vulnerability... but once i pass that stage of terror, marriage sounds picturesque... except giving up my wonderfully rad last name {record}. 
  • i want to travel the world. 
  • i love to cook, but most especially i love to eat: yellow curry, chocolate chip cookies, mangos and sticky rice, pesto pasta, strawberry-mint-milkshake, crepes, pumpkin magic, salsa, reeeeal mashed potatoes, cherry brownies, peaches, bell peppers, saltines... i love food.
  • i like to put "pants" after emotions or adjective. i.e. "sad pants" "lame pants" "crazy pants". it's my thing. 
  • if there is one place i could go, tomorrow, it would be italy. 
  • swearing occasionally happens...
  • i loathe feet. except baby feet, which i fawn over. anything in "baby" form is fawn-able.
  • ingrid michaelson is my musical soul-mate. whether the future hubster likes it or not, our daughter shall be named ingrid. 
  • i sing in the car. all. the. time. but am, in fact, a terrible singer.
  • my bachelors degree is in psychology, but there will always be a special place in my heart for art and literature.
  • there's not a whole lot that a cupcake can't fix. my new motto: "keep calm and eat a cupcake". 
  • i am addicted, in the best sense, to grey's anatomy and psych. 
  • frequent references have been and will be made to tv shows, ingrid lyrics, chick flicks, and all things you-tube-able.