Saturday, May 7, 2011

train-wrecks and hammers

have you ever had a train-wreck of a date?

there were shining moments when he smiled a charming grin, but on the whole, the unmitigated silence was just about as pleasant as derailing a 12-ton piece of steel. we had snipits of great conversation but the giant lulls in conversing left me agitated for the evening to end-- especially since he clearly was not enjoying himself at the rooftop concert {featuring the fictionist}, and i would have rather been laughing at the ridiculous people surrounding us with my girlfriends. who we were with, by the way.

i walked too fast and then i walked too slow. he didn't believe anything i said. he questioned it, all. which is ironic, because i held my tongue as the stories of him didn't seem to add up. then he was offended i did not know his life story despite his refusal to share a hair of a detail.

however, there was redemption in the night. hallelujah. 
it came in the form of

wowza.  i mean, woooooowza!

i thought it looked pretty lame-sauce. a hammer of all-powerfulness? seriously?
but. chris hemsworth had me hooked with his proper language, impossible blue eyes, and perfectly chiseled abs. he's on "the list" if ya know what i mean.
seriously, you need to go see it. 
and preferably have someone to kiss afterwards. 
{i did not kiss my date, f.y.i... not even close}

also, the plot was fantastic with perfect comedic timing. i'm not one to read comic books under my covers at night so i had no idea what was coming, but i'm all excited for the avengers movie come 2012! maybe i am a comic-book nerd after all?

favorite quote from the movie:
"this mortal body grows weak... i need sustenance!"

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