Sunday, April 29, 2012

mysteries unfolded

remember how i tend swoon over a good smelling man? i'm talking about the men who abandon cologne and embrace their natural scent. that woodsy manly smell that lingers in the air and fills your senses, the kind i want to bottle up. it unwinds rationale and weakens my knees. utterly powerless, i tell you.

turns out, it's old spice. deodorant.

it's kinda like when you find out your favorite love song is about a sandwich.
{*to borrow from 27 dresses}

a marathon of weddings

seven of my friends are getting married this weekend.
seven friends, four weddings. one weekend.

a high-school boyfriend, an old roommate, a former home teacher, and two neighbors. plus everyone's respective fiances who have evolved, with time, into friends rather than acquaintances. i do hope one of the receptions has some mini eclairs ;)

i have never been to the wedding of an ex-boyfriend before. to some i was invited, true, but the actual effort of putting on heels and making an appearance was too much consideration for someone who was not actually in my life anymore. this time, i'm putting on the heels {sparkly ones, no less}.

despite the lack of contact in recent years with this old boyfriend, he was my best friend in high school {after we dated, even} and it was an unspoken sentiment that we would be at each other's weddings. as fate would have it after high school he introduced me to, and i fell madly in love with, his cousin. three years later his cousin and i were looking at rings. four months later i was crying myself to sleep. five months later, here we are.

and so, i am going to this wedding because i promised myself i would when i was 15. because i am happy for this high school boyfriend and his darling bride. and because by going, i'm being brave and not letting heartache {of seeing family i once thought would be mine} rule my life.

so bring on the eclairs and dancing, the tuxedos and ice sculptures! who knows, maybe i'll meet a handsome groomsman somewhere along this wedding marathon.

Friday, April 27, 2012

northwest adventures and a million pictures

do you ever have a moment where happiness just washes over you? right where you are standing is heaven. strangely you wouldn't rather be riding a roller coaster or swimming in a tropical lagoon because, where you are is absolutely perfect.

i had that moment a thousand times over as chris martin {coldplay} serenaded me.
oh, it was beautiful. it was bliss. it was magnificent and magical and over-the-top wonderful.  highlight of my life? you betcha. and it was simply music. ahhh, but there is nothing simple about music is there? the promise of live music is what encouraged a 1520 mile-ish {roundtrip} adventure with my two best girls. music moves me in a way nothing else does-- it makes me believe and hope and cry and laugh. and with the added special effects of the concert {not to mention all that chris martin is}, i was nearly beside myself.

now before i get ahead of myself, i shall share the adventures of the trip:
we played mash, soulmate, and marry buff kill on the 12 hour drive
*of special importance, all three rounds of soulmate i was with ryan gosling. is it a sign? i believe so.

rest stop

this one is my favorite

we stayed with chelsea's brother and sister-in-law in vancouver. they were so hospitable! bacon burgers and belgian waffles! deeeelish.
tuesday, after meandering around the lloyd center {one gargantuan mall} we walked around the portland, oregon temple

our next stop was powell's bookstore. it was a block, i tell you, a block of glorious new and old books! floors upon floors of books! rooms specifically for cooking, for science fiction, and on and on, all color-coded: "the orange room", "the rose room", "the blue room".  oh, it was picturesque and possibly heaven. imagine we live in you've got mail: powell's is fox books and barnes & noble is shop around the corner. we spent a good chunk of time there, not to mention a chunk of change.

we finally found parking at the rose garden, then wandered and wandered in the rain for food. originally we didn't want to eat at a chain restaurant, get the whole "portland experience" but when we saw red robin after blocks of rain and burger king, we thought, "what the heck?"

now the real adventure begins:

 we got wristbands. this is important. carry on. 
 my beautiful ticket!
 soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!

and now, i present to you, heaven!
they opened with hurts like heaven, then proceeded to blow my mind with their awesomeness.

and now i ask, is there anything as attractive as chris martin singing? i submit that there is not!

 that man....pure sexiness. gwenyth is probably the luckiest lady in the world.
plus he's british.

 remember the wristbands? see all those little lights? yep, those are the wristbands!

after the concert was "over", we clapped and screamed until they came back... in the crowd, to play "us against the world". following that masterpiece they ran back on stage to played an additional 4 songs.
i kid you not, i almost cried 3 times because i was so happy.

wednesday we went to the portland zoo with chelsea's brother and nephew. the zoo is so much more entertaining with kids! as far as zoos go, the portland zoo is boss.

 little beluga climbing a tree!

 "draw me like one of your french girls, jack..."
this monkey was totally posing

heat camera in the snake house
 one HUGE hippo
 this was actually frightening to behold

 cute little parker
 chase and parker
 chelsea and pedro, before we ripped him apart
 we took lots of naps
aaaaand of course we ate a million mini candy bars
 plus a whole load of crap which i now have to work off. 
was it worth it? 100%.