Monday, October 29, 2012


the worst chore in the world growing up was mating my dad's socks. how i detested this task. there would be an endless mountain of brown and blue and grey and black dress socks. some had gold toes, some didn't. some had monochrome patterns of stripes and dots and argyle.  and every lone sock seemed to be a different length from its neighbor. piles would line the carpet. it was like playing "memory" only it wasn't fun in the least and the socks only seemed to multiply like bunnies gremlins. 

at a young age, encircled by socks on every side, i vowed i would never mate a man's socks so long as we both should live. and probably beyond the grave when we were resurrected and shiny. i would be sure to underline that in the prenup--  the male party agrees to mating his own socks-- dress and athletic-- and ironing his own white shirts.  

when i graduated from my household i didn't mind mating my own socks because they were manageable and distinct--roses went with roses, lime leopard print with its twin, and fuzzy stripes were two peas in a pod. easy as pie. 

but tonight i had a revelation. 
you see, once you've been dating someone for a while you begin to grocery shop and fold laundry together. you ease into each others' habits of necessity (eating and hygiene) and it's simple. almost like breathing. 

so there we were-- two loads of laundry atop his bed and several yawns between us. i separated his shirts from his basketball shorts, folding as i went. then i came to the socks-- i picked them up like anything, turning them right-side-out and laying the mates near each other. my unbreakable vow {harry potter!} to never mate a man's socks vanished. somehow he and i were bigger than my angst about mating socks and i smiled at my foolish 7 year-old self for thinking i would never make such a great sacrifice.    

long story short mr. k has a particular way of folding and rolling his white ankle socks and i was too tired to catch on, but the point is-- i would have mated his socks! this is progress, folks. real progress. maybe i'll even come around to ironing one day. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

three recipes that will lead to an affair... with your kitchen

here are a few recipes i've fallen in love with lately. i have a host more{oh, pinterest}i want to try, but here are the ones that are definite winners. 

pumpkin snickerdoodles
yes. they're as delicious as they sound. light, fluffy, subtle, and way too easy to eat 12 of in one sitting. but that's what constitutes a good cookie, right? find the recipe here

petite spice pumpkin doughnuts
good lanta. they're soft, sugary, and baked! my bestie and i made them one afternoon and it was hard not to constantly devour these little devils. we used a mini muffin tin for the bottom pictures and a mini bundt pan for the petite doughnuts.
your tastebuds won't be disappointed if you make these! find the recipe here.

bombshell banana bread
long have i searched for a banana bread recipe i truly loved. some were too dry, some too oily, some boringly bland. but this one... this deserves a hazzah! because it is wondrous. please forgive my unprofessional phone-shot of this baby. i had already eaten two slices before i thought to take a picture!
you can find the recipe here.***of important note, i added an additional teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of nutmeg to give it more flavor.

happy baking! 

if i worked as hard as i play...

several weeks ago we had a store party celebrating our bi-annual bonuses. since i am on a fancy committee {orange embrace} at work in charge of planning parties and such, i got to go shopping with my co-workers friends for hours! what we ended up with was over $500 dollars in candy and some rather absurd photos. 
the conveyor belt was overflowing with our candy stash! 
that's my trunk. stuffed to the brim with tootsie rolls, orange slices, sour patch kids, hot tamales, suckers, gummy worms, caramels, skittles, cinnamon bears, m&ms, peachies... it was insanity. 
i bought my own chocolate-covered cinnamon bears because i am weak. 
we had fun taking ridiculous pictures @ zurchers while getting some party supplies

and here is the sign for the party! it was quite a success.

and here's what else i've been up to at work:

 double sided 4' x 8'
 the cutest children at a workshop for mountainland head start

i work in paint in my spare time. this is tint right after it is dispensed. isn't it neat??

i am SO excited for halloween this year!

a slice of life lately: instagram and others

 lights at the riverwoods
 payson parade
 cazookie @ the chocolate
off for one of my interviews in my new H&M dress! 
it could possibly be the most perfect little black dress. 
 packing heat! doesn't quite work in yoga pants though. 
 gap patch pants. my bestie has a pair as well. 
 our tv is finally NOT on the ground! thanks to mr. k
 a sunday hike up little cottonwood canyon

 friends we made at the river. we should have adopted these cute girls! 
 goofy faces
 i love fall in utah. 
  our refinished table and chairs! 
 saturday afternoon reading at the park

 enough can't be said about oversized sweaters. 
this will only fuel my pumpkin passion.
 pumpkin bagel with pumpkin schemer. heaven. 
 unlimited french toast @ kneaders
 my brother benji was in town for a week! 

 my belated birthday present from him-- chambray shirt from jcrew. i am so obsessed.
 saying goodbye after a good week together

 news flash: vests are the best thing to ever happen to fall weather. 
seriously, where have they been all my life?
 dinner with mr. k's family @ outback steakhouse.
we're a plaid couple.
monday night {flag} football!
 i felt slightly trendy in this outfit although i'm no fashionista
fur makes you look pretentious.
 dinner with momma C

 roses are red, violets are blue, eff you whore #(500)daysofsummer
my cute parents. 33 years and still going strong.