Monday, May 2, 2011

a wee bit of a shock

i have had quite a bit on my mind lately.
that whole sifting and digging and folding.

to add to that, i read the most shocking sentence i have ever beheld while nestled in my polka-dot sheets. i gasped, my hand flew to cover my morning breath, and i read it again.

huntman said {in email}:
"i almost forgot to tell you, i will actually be coming home on July twenty second!"

ahem... let me repeat that-- WHAT?!?!

two days ago it was april, and august was far away in the distant recesses of summer.
but today we are on the cusp of may and july is, according to my calculations, TWO months away! just around the corner, minus kathleen kelly, joe fox, and goldfish.

aside from this freaking-out business, supreme pondering, and attempt to predict the future, this is about all i can think of:

deep red hair. 
i want it, and i want it bad

do redheads have more fun? i will find out as soon as i make the appointment with my hair gal.
i'm ready to take the plunge. wish me luck!


whitney harris said...

yea! i'm so excited for you and i can't wait to see your hair!!! love you

Whit said...

you would look DARLING with that color hair. love it! i also love that huntman is coming home earlier than expected. ryan is too! what a crazy time!