my quest

it all started one chilly november afternoon. with no intention of writing seriously, my friend helped me create what you behold now.  during the infancy of just for the record my blog was confidential. however, the whole privacy-permission deal was a great big hassel and so, i determined to make just for the record public-- so my words could be open for all {who wished} to see. i began writing to stay connected, but somehow it has miraculously evolved to be my therapy. i have fallen in love with writing in a way i never fathomed. and so, i write. for myself, for others, and for the vision i have that my blog might make a difference.  

in the unfortunate case that someone might trip over a story or two regarding them, you're famous! okay. not really. but i regret to inform you that i will make no formal apology. because it's my take on life. i will confess, i do not know every facet of the things i experience. but what is life but to discover your voice, analyze your experiences, and above all share them so others may gain nourishment and grow beyond what your own life has taught you?

the most poignant lessons can be learned not from first-hand experience but from books and blogs, friends and acquaintences, history and current news. i do believe we are to learn from the past, to glean humor and sadness, reality and imagination, from others. to become a person outside of our reach. being more versed in life may lead you to grasp that image of yourself and eventually be that person inside. and so, my hope, my quest, is that my words might be a silhouette of hope and sorrow and love for others to fill themselves, with their unique life experience.  

with that semi-philosophical disclaimer, if someone still takes offense...frankly, it's their own damn fault for snooping. there is most certainly a line to carefully tread in sharing and not infringing, which i do intend on respecting. 

welcome to just for the record!
i do hope you stay a while, to enjoy the bliss, befuddlement, and bodaciousness of this crazy life i call mine.