Monday, January 28, 2013

babies galor

there is something that needs to be said:

everyone is having babies.

mormons have a knack for reproducing like bunnies.  in the past month i have read countless fb statuses announcing that one couple after another are expecting a bouncing baby. i just went to their wedding and now there's a baby? i'm so confused... impressed (mrs. fertile myrtle) but baffled.

i'm 23 (and a half) with no babies.
some girls my age have three babies.

i simply can't imagine myself growing a human child until i am at least 26. i mean, i don't even have legitimate boobs-- how can i feed a tiny little infant without the proper equipment? you see my concern here.

i am certain my life will not be complete until i have a chunky, cuddly baby 
who drools on everything.
of that i am positive.

however, that blessed day is not on the horizon.
for now i am content to kiss chubby cheeks and fawn over baby toes. i give props to all those baby-making people for their selflessness and bravery. maybe one day i'll be ready.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

this one goes out to my bestie

chelsea brynn newman, this one's for you.

5 years is considered an era (according to monica). but while this is the end of one era-- our time together in utah-- it isn't the end of being besties. if you're monica, i'm rachel. if you're harry, i'm ron. if i'm meredith, you're christina. you're my person and i love you more than a fat kid loves chocolate cake.

i'm already looking at flights to new mexico.



 britney spears





 goodbye crepe brunch

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

back on the grid

alright friends-- i realize i've been off the grid for a few weeks, but i happen to have very valid reasons for falling off the planet:

1. my brother came for holiday! (not that we're british, but... )
2.  my sister and her babies (and later husband) came to visit!
3. i had the black plague (otherwise known as stomach flu) and subsequently lost nearly 9 pounds. eek!

after i spent a miserable night curled up with my towels on the bathroom tile and then laid destitute for two days, i spent practically every minute not working/sleeping with my fam and/or the boyfriend.

 i helped benji pick out some new spectacles!

 my new motto for 2013-- i wake up to this every morning. isn't it happiness??

and now, the babies. clearly the best part of this post!

 super baby!

 playing kitchen

oh those babies make me happy to be an aunt. 

we did have our first casualty of 2013... ryan gosling {the fish} went to fish heaven. we're not sure when exactly... we're obviously great fish owners. his funeral (aka the toilet flushing) made me gag. goodbye ryan, you were a fighter.

 baby blessing-- mr. k and his 4 brothers

 we went to cuchina tuscana in SL for my brother's birthday dinner. it was so fancy i wore lace tights. 

 aaaand then here's what a simple girl craves-- good ol' wings from buffalo wild wings. it certainly cheered up a gloomy day. do you know what else helps? a waffle maker! gosh i'm a dork. i just love kitchen appliances and utensils.