Sunday, July 29, 2012


dear blog,

sorry i've been m.i.a.
moving, working, and camping will do that to you.
i'll write as soon as i figure out how to put together this ikea furniture.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

life {and work} lately

{date @ gloria's little italy with mr. k}

 we happened upon a car show

 i introduced him to the cazookie @ the chocolate in orem
 prince navine made a stop at the home depot to showcase frog tape in the paint department!
 {drive to manti}
 {manti, temple}

 the most beautiful green purse in all the land

 doesn't this reminds you of betsie johnson? i love that crazy lady.

 {power outage}

 shawn white was there to greet me at mr. k's apartment. scared me half to death

 {rodeo time}

 believe it or not, this was mine and ali's first double date after 5 years of being friends

 i covet these shoes. and i shall buy them... after payday
 i converted this fridge for the up-and-coming home depot cafe. 
i'm obsessed with stripes, so i used yellow and white 2" to make stripes and then whipped out the wording and cute little chef man. i'm kind of in love with him.

 ali's birthday breakfast
 part of my present to her. she's a public health major so it was only fitting. 
 fake {and awesome} tattoos

 {cheetah/catwoman shoes}
and there you have it folks. my life, in pictures, for the last month. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

23 anos

i am 23 years old.

it seems an un-momentous age but i somehow feel more like an adult than i did prior to july 6th {my birthday}. 23. twenty-three. i like rolling it around on my tongue, getting use to the feel of it.

despite my best efforts the birthday photos were imprisoned in my phone for some time {hence the delay of this post} until rather magically my phone upgraded itself from 'gingerbread' to 'ice cream sandwich' this week. don't even ask me, i just know the software has dessert names in alphabetical order...

without further ado or tangents, i present to the best birthday {week} yet!

mr. k can't keep a secret to save his life. for several days he would enthusiastically ask,"do you want your present now? it's just in my truck! can i give it to you early? please? please?" i was sorely tempted but adamant about waiting until my birthday. but then he caught me off guard tuesday when he told me there were multiple presents. clearly an early one wouldn't hurt...

tuesday he presented me with a gift card to one of my weaknesses-- victoria's secret! scandalous and awesome.
wednesday he borrowed my car to drive to salt lake and pick up a surprise. he was so secretive until i went over after work, where he urged me to open it now citing i could utilize the present prior to my birthday. what was it? *background* about three weeks ago i mentioned in passing i thought an abercrombie perfume {wakely} smelled divine. so mr. k drove to slc and bought it. i was completely surprised and delighted, plus in dire need of new perfume. i couldn't believe he remembered and he exlaimed, "see, i listen!"
thursday mr. k hand-delivered birthday flowers. they were stunning.  after work we braved the rain to pick up some birthday breakfast supplies {another birthday surprise, which i unfortunately blew beforehand} and came out to behold a double rainbow. what does it mean???? *cue youtube

friday morning {my birthday} he came over early, whipping up french toast and cutting up my favorite fruits while i showered. i believe a good breakfast is the best way to start any day, especially a birthday.

my bestie came over around 10 and we painted our nails and watched friends before shipping out to do some serious birthday shopping at the mall before she went to work.

later that afternoon mr. k whisked me north to my hometown of sandy. i opened presents at my parents and then the four of us ventured to p.f. changs.

 {great wall of chocolate}

after a quick stop to city creek, kortney and i met up with friends at the salt lake bee's game. we all lounged on the green lawn of general admission and watched as the bee's beat the tacoma rainiers. then, we were ushered to the field {gah!} to behold some pretty damn spectacular fireworks. i'm not even exaggerating, they were better than most 4th of july firework displays i've seen in my day. clearly they pulled out the big ones for my birthday!

to end the night with an even bigger bang, a few of us went to gourmandise in salt lake for dessert.

 this is most marvelous creation. cream inside, marzipan leaves, and a peach-candy stem.

it was one phenomenal birthday, and i loved every minute of it.