Thursday, September 27, 2012

puppy hungry

i'm puppy hungry.

no babies for me, just puppies.

and i had a purely genius idea the other day. i was amazed i had never before concocted this masterful design. the day that i acquire a bounding puppy, if he is a chocolate lab, i shall name him denzel. after, well, denzel washington-- the most attractive man to grace this green earth.

or i could get one of these and name him something debonair, like bently or sir walter.

if i had a golden retriever to snuggle up with i would, for obvious reasons, name him brinkley. and i would buy him a large green pillow the size of an intertube where he could sleep for 18 hours a day. i'd also feed him bits of pizza and bagel, though not off the streets of nyc.
i think it's time to watch you've got mail again...

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