sign girl

my official job title at the dear old depot is "sign captain". i am captain of signs past, present, and future.  one friend likes to call me "marker specialist". other references include "sign girl", "sign maker", "artiste" {which makes me bashful, because i am such an amateur}, and "hey you".

i have worked for the company for 3 years {hazzah!} and been making signs since june 2010. i rather love my job-- simply amazing co-workers and managers, a fixed schedule, and free disposal of all the art supplies i could ever dream of! it's really a great gig. i don't know how long i will have this job-- if it payed better, certainly indefinitely. but as is, i am happily the "sign girl"-- working for bigger dreams but enjoying this slice of life.

this page is a sampling of what i do at work-- to display my ounce of creativity on a blog begging for more pictures. 

a typical day
black friday





osb or insulation foam

employee signs