Saturday, June 9, 2012

the day i couldn't get my pants off

i got stuck in my skinny jeans.

here's how the story goes:

wednesday, after a brief workday, my heroic and beautiful sister took me on a marvelous date to keep my mind off the fact that i wasn't getting married {read previous post}.

we got indian food at 'aroma' {in draper} and ate til we had major food babies.

 proof we ate sitting. make note of the skinny jeans!

next she took me to get a manicure and pedicure. isn't she the greatest? it's amazing what a little nail polish can do to fix a girl right up!

since i wore my skinny jeans to the nail salon, i had to pull my pants over my calf muscles for the pedicure. an important factor to the story is: i have huge calf muscles.  i walked around everywhere on tiptoe when i was little, because i wanted to be taller. the end result-- killer calf muscles. which is great and lovely... except when you can't get your pants off!

my sister and i went to a little boutique in draper and i found a fancy skirt to try on.  i closed the curtain in the dressing room and tried to pull down my pant legs {just below the knee}. no avail.  i unbuttoned my pants and figured i would step out of them. intense pain resulted.

so i put my big girl pants back on and said to my sister, "i can't get my pants off!"
she followed me into the dressing room, chuckling, and tugged. and pried.
i flexed my foot, and then i pointed. nothing helped. the pants were stuck above my calf muscles like glue. we unrolled my pants and tried again but without much progress.

in that moment, i felt very much like ross in his leather pants.

my sister and i were roaring with laughter: i held on tightly to the dressing room chair and she sat on the floor, yanking those darn skinny jeans. in 10 seconds of despair i imagined the boutique owner cutting me free of the skinny jeans and sauntering out to the car in the newly-purchased skirt hanging on the rack.

fortunately, and after a good 5 minutes, my pant legs descended, blood circulation resumed, and i breathed a sigh of relief to not be stuck in my jeggings any longer.

embarrassing? somewhat, but more hilarious and majestically memorable.

i just thank the heavens that our little escapade was in a boutique dressing room, rather than the draper temple dressing room{which is where we went next}. what a ruckus that would have been!

after the temple, i got to come home and eat oreos with these little darlins!

so, that's what i did instead of getting married on wednesday.
it was delightful.

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