Thursday, March 14, 2013

engaged girl

i have caught myself on more than one occasion saying "we" instead of "i".

mr. k is like an appendage of me. our vocabulary is consistently "we" and "us" and "when we're married" and it excites me. 

i am trying very hard not to be the irritating newly engaged girl, but i am over the moon about mr. k. every day i love him more and to know that i get to be with his goofy self for eternity gives me more peace than i could ever fathom. kortney has noticed i've been rather giddy. he said, "i'm excited to get married. i really am--but i don't even know how match your level of excitement!"

being engaged feels like drinking 5 energy drinks in one sitting.
i keep reminding myself "tone it down, tone it down, tone. it. down." 

90% of the time i feel like grinning nonsensically and waving my arms like a lunatic. when people ask me about wedding plans i want to launch into inconsequential details and then elaborate on mr. k and i's dating saga, proposal, and future plans but then i take a deep breath and remember "tone it down beck beck--don't act like a deranged bridezilla."

i'll be posting details of the wedding planning in case you care to know what my wedding colors are and what shade of lipstick i'll be wearing.  i realize everyone and their dog and grandma have already gotten married and done engaged-couple-things and registered and all that jazz, but now that it's my turn and i know it is right, i am really, really excited. please forgive me if i'm ridiculous the next 3 months. i just can't wait to be mrs. k.

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