Thursday, March 7, 2013

a proposal

have you seen these videos yet?

take a break from your online shopping or studying or brownie baking and watch these, in succession. the first one is just adorable and the second one made me cry (surprise, surpise). they're both by the same amazing man. his fiance is one lucky lady!

and then there is this one. i couldn't believe what i was watching. while snuggled in my bed sunday morning i couldn't help but cry at how sweet it was. i am my mother's daughter.

now these all have a common theme which may or may not be on the horizon. i'm not expecting anything this elaborate but i know when mr. k gets down on one knee, i will weep. i will weep for joy and because crying is kinda my thing.

1 comment:

Team Lawter said...

I love that you posted all these and then you yourself got engaged! So cute!! And congrats again! Can't wait to hear the story!